Real-Time Tracking of Eye Movements Using Mobile Device Cameras to Capture Attention Hot-Spots

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Real-time tracking of eye movements when watching video clips or playing moving video games facilitate the capturing of attention hot-spots. Identification of such attention hot-spots has many applications including recognising disorders associated with concentration, education, sports, gaming, etc. Currently, the technology available for real time eye movement tracking is expensive, or only applicable when using PCs and not applicable on mobile devices, or requires the use of head-mounted displays. This limits the wider applicability of these technologies including research data collection. This proposed project aims at using the mobile device camera combined with mathematical calculations in capturing the eye movements as a video clip progresses. The limited processing capacity available within mobile devices warrants the use of emerging technologies such as edge computing to calculate the hot-spots based on eye movements and video clip frames on a real-time basis.

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Anupama Ginige

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