ManUp: Final Report


The health of Australian males is poorer than their female counterparts; in part due to males’ lower physical activity levels, poor dietary habits and lack of knowledge of these behaviours. The current project sought to develop an innovative approach to increase the level of physical activity, healthy eating and literacy of these topics. To achieve this goal the project was conducted in four inter-related phases : Phase 1 – Systematic Review of literature regarding lifestyle interventions in males, Phase 2 – Intervention Development, Phase 3 – Randomised Control Trial, and Phase 4 – Dissemination.

Further Information

Mitch Duncan
Corneel Vandelanotte
Hang Ding
Richard Rosenkranz
Christina Caperchione
Kerry Mummery
Gregory Kolt - Western Sydney University
Anthony Maeder
Rhys Tague - Western Sydney University
Emma George - Western Sydney University
Cindy Hooker
Marcus Ellison
Kylie Conolly
Luke Fallon
Pierre Viljoen
Manny Noakes
Pennie Taylor
Mohan Karunanithi
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White Paper
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Central Queensland University
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Rockhampton, QLD, Australia